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Welcome to the gallery and gift shop of THE ALPHABET OF VIBRATION®. Click the image you like and scroll down on the page to find my interpretation and the traditional meaning of each letter. I invite you to spend time with the letters and discover what they mean to you. I have lovingly reproduced all 24 images which I hand-embellish with gold. They are available in a variety of sizes. 
Enjoy! Prints are sold unframed. Framing suggestions will be included in your package. For custom-designed installations (up to seven feet long) please contact Shema Productions directly. Thank you very much, Analesa

01: Aleph
02: Yud
03: Gimel
04: Vav
05: Hei
06: Lamed
07: Shin
08: Final Mem
09: Kaf
10: Beit
11: Chet
12: Tzadi
13: Pei
14: Resh
15: Kuf
16: Sameh
17: Ayin
18: Tet
19: Tav
20: Dalet
21: Nun
22: Zayin
24: Mem
Missing 23rd Letter